The birth of children’s ministry 

People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them.

“Can’t you see he’s preaching!”, they said. 

Jesus called the disciples over. “That was a little harsh guys. You’ve got to think about the message it gives out. It’s just not politically astute to be sending away children.” 

“What do you suggest Lord”, replied Thaddaeus. 

“Well”, said Jesus pausing for a moment. “We need to be smarter. Of course we don’t want kids interrupting the preaching. We can’t have the grown ups distracted from our message of the Kingdom. We need to keep people focussed on the main thing; our message of God’s compassion. 

But rather than reject them, we need to divert them. Speak to the parents. See if you can arrange a crèche. Or at least a worksheet to keep them occupied. 

Remind them of the older folks, that can’t hear so well.” 

The parents took it well. And soon the little kids were led off to a nearby house to hear bible stories. Jesus promised that he would visit on an annual basis to see how they were getting on.

For the real story: Mark 10.13-16