Success in ministry 

On hearing that many were abandoning his ministry to follow Jesus; John the Baptist said, “he must become greater, I must become less.” 

“Oh no Rabbi” said one of his followers. “I’m not sure you’re seeing the big picture. Ministry is not about you becoming less, it’s about you gaining maximum exposure, for the Kingdom. This is not the time to disappear. This is the time to expand and diversify.”

“We need to grow your social media profile. We need to think about podcasts, magazines, a blog and online coverage. Also, have you ever thought about writing; you must have a few books worth of material.”

“Or have you thought about leading a church planting or missional movement? And there’s the Christian conference and guest lecture circuit.”

“So sir, you see there’s so much to be doing now that you’re retiring.”

A thunderous look spread over the Baptist’s face, “you brood of…”

The eager follower interrupted, “yes, that’s it, perfect! People will love that angry prophet tone.”

For the first time in many years, John the Baptist was speechless. 

For the real text: John 3.22-30